If eating is your thing, then you will fall in love with Singapore. Interestingly, most people travel from far and wide to Singapore just for the sumptuous meals this country offers. Those who have toured Singapore, term it as an obsessive food paradise for its framed chilly crabs. The best part is, all of that deliciousness comes from its Food Centers. However, a very common question amongst travelers is, “Which is the Best Food Center in Singapore?“, don’t you worry, we answer that question in this article, let’s rock n roll!

You will also encounter char kway teow, chicken rice and plethora very delicious at a low price. Singapore has managed to combine a variety of food heritage dishes comprising of Indian, Indonesian Malaysian and Chinese. 

Everyone prefers to travel on a budget, that’s why eating at hawkers Centers while on tour to Singapore is undoubtedly the best option since it will cut on costs at the same time, give you better accessibility to Singaporeans local dishes.

The hawker’s food centers in Singapore came into existence as a result of rapid urbanization and the necessity to bring order to those selling food in the streets.

Let’s start our tour to these Food Centers, shall we?

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1. What to do at Maxwell Food Center?

Maxwell Food Center houses Singapore’s best hawkers’ stalls. This food Center serves both the tourists and the locals who are interested in trying authentic Singaporean dishes at a very affordable price.

It is full of life with people from all walks of life trying to get their classic fill of Singaporean meals for as low as S$3 per meal. This food heaven is open from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 2 am with different stalls having their schedules.

Avoid visiting this court during lunchtime hours that are between midday and closing time since the building is full of people who work near the food court.

It would be unforgivable for one to be at Maxwell food court and fail to try these meals;

This is one of the most famous breakfasts in Singapore. However, this food is amazingly sweet that people would sacrifice other, more complex food meant for lunchtimes for this simple meal.

The Congee is mostly straightforward and plain, that’s why customers love Zhen-Zhen, it features a silky, smooth a rich flavor and texture.

Hainanese chicken rice, also known as Tian Tian Chicken Rice, is the ideal option for anyone who desires to have a taste of a perfect Singaporean dining experience. This meal is considered a Singapore staple meal and entails steamed white chicken that is bite-sized and aromatic rice. For an even better experience, ensure to have it chilled.

Other must-try dishes in Maxwell’s food court include Jin Hua Head Fish Bee Hoon, Maxwell Oyster cake and Marina South Delicious food. These meals are incredibly cheap per serving, ranging from $3 to $5.

Don’t burden yourself looking for where to eat or drink, Maxwell’s food Center has everything you want in one place.

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2. What to eat at Golden Mile Food Center?

Accessing the Golden Mile Food Center is pretty straightforward. One option would be to take a smart bus or SBS Transit bus. This Center was initiated in 1975 and has a variety of stalls both upstairs and downstairs.

Golden Mile food centers are one of the best Singapore hawkers Center not listed either in the tourist bronchus or famously known tourist sites, and for this reason, this is one place you can’t afford to miss going. Prices of food are extremely cheap since this court is a Singaporeans zone.

This Food Center is located at Crawford Street and serves several Indian and Muslim food at the basement level 1. Also, you will find local favorites such as satay, chicken rice, Thai food, Peranakan fare, muffins, gourmets and many other local meals.

The Golden Mile Centre opens the entire week from 7 am to 1 am with opening and closing hours differing from one stall to another. Since this place is not overcrowded, one can visit at any time of the day. Some of the sumptuous meals to try at the Golden Mile Food Centre are;

Each bowl of Chung Cheng Prawn Noodles has pork ribs pieces, taupok, hard-boiled eggs prawns and fish cake. This dish has a house-made signature and is amazingly tasty.

The price of this meal is at $3, and always put in mind that mixing the variety of this dish features prevents you from eating Chili alone.

  • Beef Noodles

This is one of the heartiest meals, especially in the rainy season. This dish has a light appearance manifesting that it has been cooked till softening. This dish also entails a mix of beef tendons and balls, making it extremely tasty.

Other meals to try at the Golden Mile Food Court are; Adimann, Peranakan Charlie’s food, Warung Burgers, Hokkien Prawn Mee grass jelly and many more.

The Golden Mile shopping is the only ideal place along the Beach Road where you can get a variety of meals at low prices with no customer queues waiting to be served.

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3. Best stall at Newton Food Centre

Newton Food Centre, located along Avenue North is an excellent hawker food court in Singapore with stalls serving both the Vegans and non-vegans. This food Centre also features Indian, Asian, Singapore, Chinese and Seafood cuisines. The Centre is open the whole day in which you can get Dinner, lunch or late-night meals.

This place is a famous zone for tourists and a few Singaporean. This means that the prices may be overpriced sometimes when there is high demand such as the Summer holidays. This food Centre has so much to choose from in various stalls from noodles, desserts, satay, soup veggies, and fried rice.

This place is usually open during the entire week that is from Monday to Friday and the best times to visit this place as a tourist are low seasons because visiting during a peak season may not be comfortable since its overcrowded and prices of products are inflated.

In case you want to go to this Centre, don’t go during lunchtime or evening times. This time of the day may be pretty busy. Some of the sumptuous must-try dishes at this court include; Fried oyster Omelet, Fish-ball noodles, Alliance seafood, Bee Heng, Heng carrot cakes, and much more.

Do not be scared by high prices at the Newton Food Centre; this place is exceptional you will get an experience hard to find in any other food Centre across Singapore. Why miss out on this chance?

4. Is Chomp Chomp Food Centre worth it?

Chomp Food Centre, located at the Serangoon Garden, is a perfect spot, especially for someone who desires late-night chicken wings, Hokkien Mee or Satay. Most stalls in this Centre start their business from 6.00 pm onward.

This food Centre is commuter friendly since you can get here via bus 73, 317, 136 and 315. One thing to keep in mind is that most stalls serve the same hawker food like Oyster Omelet, chicken wings barbecue, Carrot cake, and barbecue Seafood. 

The best time to visit this food Centre is during times that are not overcrowded since this place is small in size compared to other hawking food Centers. Apart from the delicious meals at this food Centre, this place is friendly and invites various food styles. 

Beware that visiting this food Centre during night peak hours mainly on weekends could be almost impossible finding a table. It is an amazingly beautiful food Centre with a variety of options to choose from.

This is a unique food Centre compared to its counterparts, especially for late-night food when everyone else is closed. If you get a chance to be in this food Court ensure to start with these meals;

  • Chicken wings

This meal is prevalent in the Chomp Chomp food Centers and is known to be an ideal choice for a pre-meal snack. The chicken wings come with Chili source to make them taste even better.

  • Hokkien Mee

This is another important Hawker meal at the Chomp food Centre. This is a Singaporean fried noodle which entails both the white and yellow noodle, stirred then fried with a lot of bean sprout and some shrimp and squid pieces.

  • Rojak Popiah

The Rojak Popiah comprises vegetables and fruits assorted in a black source while blanketed by a roasted peanut thin layer. It is delicious and costs up to $3.50

Note that, for quality seafood barbecue in Singapore, Chomp Chomp is the best place to be. This food Centre offers a friendly atmosphere with a fantastic barbecue stingray. Don’t be left out!

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In a Nutshell

If you are planning to visit Singapore soon, having such information on the various food Centers is critical. As there are many restaurants and hotels in Singapore, food centers are always better options for visitors, especially those on a budget trip. Hawkers Food Centers is the only place where you will get a chance to try out a variety of authentic Singaporean meals at very affordable prices compared to other luxurious hotels and restaurants meant for tourists.

Another advantage of these Hawkers food Centers is that their opening and closing hours are friendly. Let’s take for instance you have been on tour the whole day; you will get a perfect chance to interact and make friends with locals or your counterpart visitors at various food Centres. I guarantee you an experience of a kind upon visiting the above food centers, and many others around Singapore. Target low seasons because they are perfect for any kind of tour.

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