If you are planning a trip to Europe in the coming vacations then you have a lot of European tours for this purpose. But if you want to travel to Europe on a budget then you will have to find travel agencies that offer several cheap travel packages. Brief information about “How to travel to Europe for cheap” is provided hereunder to help you in this regard.

Trip to the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most underrated and coolest countries in Europe. It offers a number of places to visit if you are planning a trip to Europe on a budget. 

In central Europe, the Czech Republic is really a magical and wonderful country that includes villages and towns full of charm and picturesque views. This city of the medieval era offers hilltop castles, rugged woods and matchless architecture of ancient times to visit when you travel Europe. 

You can experience European Culture in the Czech Republic, one of the most fun destinations of Europe while traveling through the trail of Western Europe.

Though Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, receives a lot of crowds daily still you can travel through it on a budget.

While planning your trip to the Czech Republic you should make up your mind to spend nearly $86 or Kč1,947 per day, on the basis of average daily prices. 

Where to go on budget in the Czech Republic

Your trip to the country of medieval land can really an adventurous tour for you by following the tips provided hereunder.

Though Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, offers a lot of amazing things to do and places to visit but for budget travelers, this country offers its rich history and gothic alleys to get lost. You can visit the downtown center and Charles Bridge, the main areas to visit in Prague, instead of staying in this city, as in summer they give a feel of Disneyland in the Czech Republic. While you should not miss visiting Prague but you will have to move out of it if you want to know about Czech culture.

Trip to London on a budget

London allows you to plan a trip by offering a number of museums to visit for free, discount tickets for theatre, budget itineraries, and inexpensive food.

You can enjoy discounted sightseeing tours just by traveling on foot. These tours are the right tours to visit London on a budget as they are completely free. These tours also include self-guided tours by bus as well as on foot. Some of the travel agencies also offer audio tours enabled with GPS to make it easier for you. If you are interested in bus tours then they can suggest you the best-discounted bus tours for you. 

You can also see some of the popular attractions n London at discounted rates like the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Westminster Abbey, etc. Discount passes are available in London for tourists so that they can save some money. 

You can also check online to know about the place to visit in London at discount passes as you can save up to 50% of the usual cost. Moreover, you need not pay any money while viewing from the bars with a view or restaurants with a view as you can find a number of places in London like sky Garden, etc. which allow you to view certain places of attraction for free.

Trip to Greece on a Budget

Greece offers a number of beautiful things to see on its islands without spending a lot of money. Every place can be costly as well as cheap for the tourists, depending upon how one spends. One thing can be cheap for you but for others it can be costly. Every traveler spends according to his budget. 

You can adjust in up to $45-65 or 40-60 Euro per day, when during your backpacking trip to Greece. You stay in a hostel, cook your own meals or eat cheap food, use local transportation and do not take a lot of tours. The cost of your trip can depend upon when you are visiting Greece as it can be costly if you are visiting at a peak duration of time. Similarly, if you staying a budget hotel, drinking wine and eating fancy food then you may have to spend up to $70-100 or 60-90 Euros.

In order to travel budget in Greece, you should plan your trip off-summer seasons like during July and August. During peak season, the prices of everything including accommodation and food rise sky-high. Greece remains busy at this time due to the vacations of local residents even if the weather is extremely hot. So you should plan to visit Greece during May and June or September and October as at this time nights are cold and days are pleasantly warm.

But if you have to travel during peak season then you will have to arrange additional money to enjoy the trip as per your preferences. You will have to spend more if you are planning to move between islands away from the mainland. It will be less expensive to visit islands close to the mainland.

Backpacking trip to Budapest

Budapest is known as the Coolest City of Europe. Being the capital city of Hungary, Budapest also offers a number of ruin bars and thermal baths along with historic and beautiful central area. You should be ready to spend on an average of nearly $70 or Ft20,700 per day during your trip to Budapest.

Earlier Buda and Pest were two separate cities on the banks of river Danube, opposite to each other. In 1873, both the cities were combined to be known as Budapest. However, locals still treat them as separate cities because they are quite different from each other. 

Buda on the west bank of the river is known for Buda castle and its hilly terrain whereas pest on the east bank of the river is the center of the city. It is known for the amazing Parliament Building of Hungary as well as the best hot spots for nightlife in this capital city.

The visitors, especially first-timers, are usually advised to stay in Pest and visit Buda. Budapest is influenced by the empire of the Ottoman, the conqueror of this city once. Budapest has thermal baths in abundance due to Turks who once reigned this city. It is also known for its paprika and coffee

The Habsburg Empire from Austria is another important pint in the history of Budapest. Later on, after WWI, Budapest was controlled by the Soviet army. The control of the soviet army continued until 1991.

People on the backpack Europe tour can find a number of good quality hostels to stay here inexpensively as well as an extensive system of public transportation to travel within your budget. They can also do a number of cheap or free things in Budapest. You can drink and eat in this city without affecting your budget.

Trip to Andalusia

During your visit to Spain, it is recommended visiting southern Spain. Americans usually visit here to have a satisfying trip in this amazing country, even if they have limited time for vacation and they have to spend one day each for going and coming to this country. It is recommended for the first-timers to plan their trip to Andalusia, for two weeks at least. During your vacation trip to Andalusia, you should be prepared to spend less than $70 or 61 Euros.

Itinerary for two weeks in Spain

During your 2 weeks in Spain, you should avoid moving every night as lots of your energy and time will be consumed in changing hotels and packing and unpacking your luggage. 

To see Spain in two weeks you should plan your itinerary like;

If you have more time to spare for this trip then you can add Madrid in your itinerary or increase your stay in Nerja. You can also use the train route to move between Sevilla and Barcelona depending upon your convenience.

Thus you can easily manage your trip to Andalusia and other locations in Spain. The convenience and fun are unlimited, are you ready?

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